Wintun-Lighting Co., Ltd. is established to meet the professional needs of the lighting project market, to offer unique solution for different projects especially those aim to achieve high optical performance with low energy consumption and maintenance costs. Scope of Work Covers: Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial, Landscape, Tunnel, Emergency, Hazardous Lighting, High Mast System, Dimming System & Control.

Wintun Co., Ltd. handles a full range of sophisticated electrical engineering products, such as HV, LV & DC switchgears, transformers, power & telephone cables, joints & accessories, DC equipment, etc. WTCL participates in package supply or bulk supply for power generation, electrical transmission, distribution construction and also infrastructure projects such as Airport MTRC, KCRC, bridges, roads and tunnels, power and water supply utilities as well as industrial plants.

Wintun-China Ltd. is formed between Forth Harbour Engineering Investigation and Design Institute (FHDI) in China and Wintun Group in Hong Kong, utilizing our resources, worldwide contact and our experience in serving major utilities from China partner and coupled with the up-to-date technology and advanced management from the Group in Hong Kong to offer design and construction services to the infrastructure projects in S.E. Asia markets.

Ge Ling Engineering Co., Ltd. deals with specialist engineering contracts in Hong Kong. With its manufacturing facilities in China and products supplied from all over the world through the Group, Ge Ling offers wide range of engineering products and equipment to the utilities and authorities for bulk supply contracts in Hong Kong and China.